Laser eye surgery can offer the freedom of enjoying life without the need for glasses or contact lenses. At the Sydney Eye Clinic, we understand that undergoing surgery on your eyes can also be daunting and information available sometimes difficult to understand. The doctors at our clinics are more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns in your initial complimentary consultation at any of our six clinics across Sydney.

There are different types of laser eye surgical procedures available in the market today. The surgeons at the Sydney Eye Clinic specialise in Advanced Surface Laser (ASL) and a new procedure called TransPRK. Both procedures are incision free and proven, safe and effective. To achieve the best results for you, the Sydney Eye Clinic uses the best technology available, combined with an experienced medical team.

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How the Eye Works

Before considering laser eye surgery, it is helpful to understand how the eye works.

Our eyes may be small but they are one of the most impressive systems in the body. The human eye is made up of many important parts which all work together to give us a clear view of the world around us.

The front of the eye is made up of the cornea, pupil, iris and lens. Light enters through the cornea, pupil and iris, which can dilate and contract depending on the light intensity. It then passes through the lens which both refines and helps to focus the light into the retina. The retina is located at the back of the eye and here the light is absorbed. Photoreceptor nerve cells change the light rays into electrical impulses which are sent up to the brain via the optical nerve. It is here, where the image is interpreted. 

Eye Conditions (A-Z)

Everyone will notice a change in their vision at some point in time. In fact, some eye conditions are far more common than you might think.

Laser vision correction starts from just $1,288 per eye.