At the Sydney Eye Clinic technology plays an important role. We employ the latest technology for laser eye surgery using SCHWIND AMARIS®, one of the best eye surgical lasers on the market today. This means patients at our clinics receive the highest standard of care and benefit from our laser’s advanced features.


Features of the award-winning SCHWIND AMARIS® lasers


750S laser

› 750 Hertz ablation speed delivers an ideal balance between the total number of laser pulses and the energy delivered, resulting in optimum smoothing of the cornea

› 1,050 Hertz and 6D eye tracker which ensures precise positioning of each laser pulse and compensation for any eye movements up to the sixth dimension

› Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC) prevents damage to the surrounding corneal tissue during ablation (gentle removal of the epithelium)

› SCHWIND CAM software modules make it possible to customise individual treatments to suit individual patient needs

› TransPRK “no touch” treatment is performed using the SCHWIND AMARIS® laser. It is the only surface treatment where the epithelium is removed with the laser, avoiding the need for surgical instruments to make contact with the eye. More information on TransPRK


Customised Wavefront Treatment

In order to treat higher order aberrations, your doctor may recommend a treatment with the help of Wavefront technology.  Every eye is different and each has its own pattern, much like a fingerprint, called the Wavefront.  By creating a three dimensional map of the eye, irregularities can be better detected and the laser can correct the finest asymmetrical distortions of the eye.


New Revolutionary SmartPulse Technology

The new SmartPulse Technology used in the SCHWIND AMARIS product family optimises the smoothness of the corneal surface. Read more about SmartSurf – the smoother way –